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    The Hills and the Rivers

    9pm - $5 Entry

    The Hills and the Rivers’ organic, complex, and timeless yet fresh sound is the fruit of tireless touring, finely honed song craft, and the familial bond at the heart of the band. Centered around the Hill siblings, this acoustic ensemble creates completely original, delicate and powerful music.

    The Hills and the Rivers are a street folk family band from Pittsburgh, PA fronted by the Hill family’s four oldest siblings. The conception of the band happened in 2013, when Isaac and Heidi Hill began recording some of Isaac’s original work. The Hills come from a multi-generational musical family, raised singing hymns in harmony around the table at family gatherings, with Isaac playing instruments and writing songs since the age of 12. As a poetry major at Pitt, it wasn’t until after graduation that he rediscovered his love for music which grew during his exposure to Pittsburgh’s fringe busking scene at Occupy Pittsburgh in 2011. With a couple of busker recruits on board for their freshman album, they began recording The World at Kasey Fusco’s Etcetera Studios in Ambridge, PA.



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